Borneo of Frustration: Enjoy Lowgolds new video here!

Kubrick fans are gonna love this! Read on folks…

At the dawn of man, a primitive tribe lives by hunting and gathering in a forest. The tribe lives in the shadow of a black monolith of futuristic origin; it imparts the knowledge of music on members of the tribe. Via osmosis, the tribe members slowly comprehend the concept of playing rock n roll music, scavenging the land and sculpting the first musical instruments. The tribe join together to play the haunting melodies of Lowgold.

After millions of years of evolution, where mankind uses their knowledge of music, a space plane carries a group of scientists to a space station orbiting earth. As they approach the monolith, the rays of the sun strike the monolith, emitting a transmission of Lowgold's Burning Embers. Wow.

Lowgold blew their marketing budget and flew to Borneo in order to shoot this video, redundantly, as they weren't allowed to capture real monkeys on film.

Frontman Darren Ford: “The original idea was to give the monkeys actual instruments, record them and put it out as the B-side. They say if you sit enough chimps in a studio you'll end up with a Razorlight single, so we were going straight for the dollar. It was disappointing as we were really into a genuine Attenborough vibe – we got this top nature cameraman involved and everything, but the Government wouldn't let us tape the ape. So we had to wing it and courier some monkey suits over from London.”

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