Noah and the Whale - Shape of my Heart
Album Review

Noah and the Whale – Shape of my Heart

Noah and the Whale’s ‘Shape of my Heart’ is as powerful and dynamic as it is fragile and serene, shifting from each brass supported or lady-vocal backed realm with majestic acceleration and energy. The charismatic lead vocal from Charlie Fink sonically aches with earnest optimism as he touches upon our heart and the many mysteries therein with his intricately woven and delightfully delivered set of lyrics.

String laden breakdowns lead us into bombastic brass blasts with just the slightest hint of hesitance which, should you allow it to, will unapologetically take your breath. Such moments are illustrated wonderfully at the all too abrupt close of a track that’s sang in an appropriately charismatic manner when we consider Noah’s touring support slot with equally splendid Adam Green.

Check it out by clicking this [link]
Perhaps even more impressively, by clicking this [link], you can buy the single (RRP £9) on 3 formats in a ltd edition set for £4! I’ve included a breakdown of the set below.

1. Shape of My Heart
2. Jealous Kind of Love (Engine Room Session)
3. Jocasta (Huw Stephens Session)

7-inch #1
1. Shape of My Heart
2. Death by Numbers

7-inch #2
1. Shape of My Heart
2. Beating

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