Story Of The Year – The Black Swan

Story of the year are back with a vengeance hoping to become the story of the rest of the year. Their new album ‘The Black Swan’ offers a multitude of talent and a mixture of styles. The opening track to the album however, is a little intimidating, be prepared if you have your speakers on full volume, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

‘Wake Up’ is the best track on this album with a funky little opening sequence. It isn’t as hardcore as some of the other tracks such as ‘Choose Your Fate’ and not as pop tastic as ‘Terrified’, it just has the right dose of both of those elements.

On the whole this is a pumped up, powerful new album which is sure to go down well. You will love it if, you’re mad for Linkin’ Park or Puddle of Mud.

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