Atlas Sound – Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Can’t Feel

From ‘A Ghost Story’, the enthralling tale of Charlie the ghost which is softly spoken by an adorable kid and increasingly becoming engulfed in otherworldly Orb like sounds, to the closing title track ‘Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Can’t Feel’, a subtle instrumental which carries a Sigur Ros weight with ease, Atlas Sound AKA Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox and his sixth grade hospital bound Summer inspired LP is sumptuous from start to finish.

Maintaining a seemingly lacklustre, homemade quality and production, an early day Spiritualized sense of ethereality and understated brilliance that shines luscious ambience through its many enthralling cracks, this LP is mesmeric to say the least. Yes it might call for a few listens before its full charm can draw you in and grip you tightly by the ears with its diverse wealth of instruments, emotions and many effective affect inducing dimensions.

To appreciate the almost unfathomable depth of each mystical layer, I advise the use of headphones. Capturing that which he couldn’t via a five piece rock outfit, this solo voyage of self discovery is sneakier than the malicious call of a sea faring siren and the hypnotic sounds she dispels. And for those of you, who want more, well there’s good news because word on the street is that another disc of material is forthcoming, so watch this space.

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