Plain White T'S - Our Time Now
Album Review

Plain White T’S – Our Time Now

“Our Time Now” is a bold move for the Plain White T’s. After the run away success of “Hey There Delilah” last summer they were running the serious risk of being a one hit wonder as singles since then just haven’t cut it, floating in the middle ground like a band that wants to rock yet remind people they were the ones who did ‘that’ song.

They now seem to have finally let go of that earlier success and have released an unashamed American rock-pop effort that instantly reminds you of Greenday and nearly every other American band to make it since they did. This is not necessarily a bad thing though as they do it quite well, with rocking electric guitars which could be the soundtrack to an American high school and an “our generation” carelessness which almost hides the romantic undertone in the lyrics.

They may have to be forever known as “that band who did that romantic Delilah song but have just been alright since” but at least they aren’t subjecting us to attempts to recreate it’s success, which they are probably quite glad about too.

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