Sam Sparro – Sam Sparro

If Gnarls Barkley and the Scissor Sisters have had an affair, chances are, Sam Sparro is their classy, skinny white boy love child with all the soul of a motown veteran.

It’s mid 08 already and apparently we’ve already headed into nu-soul territory with Sparro leading the way in a top hat and cane. Now he may be openly gay but ladies, who hasn’t fallen head over heals for this electro funk star? Thankfully, we’re not that shallow, he’s more than a perfect smile and number 2 single as his self-titled debut proves.

Although I could name a few boys who would rather listen to S Club Juniors whilst receiving high voltage electric shocks than admit ‘ Black and Gold’ is a fine tune, it stirs up some kind of wonderful in my belly. From the very first thud of the robotic synth I was a goner. He’s the Gok Wan of the music biz, making us girls feel like we’ve hit the jackpot and get to dance the night away in a Technicolor heaven.

Aussie born, LA living Sparro, who’s the son of a gospel singer, has become man of the moment thanks to the single reaching number 2 but there are more treats to come. ‘Hot Mess’ is a falsetto electro Prince and early MJ inspired killer track whilst ‘21st Century Life’ will have your shoulders taking on a life of their own and returning with some satisfyingly good disco rhythm.

Not such a favourite is the blander ‘Pocket’ which suggests we should ‘keep your friends close and your enemies in your pocket’ easy if you’re a clown, less easy if you like skinny jeans and err, not being a giant. Listen to ‘Sick’ and ‘Cut me Loose’, but press skip on ‘Cotton Mouth’ and ignore the hideously directed video for that one too.

Alas, not every song can be a winner but all in all, a great debut. Catch this little birdy live throughout May and June to see if he really does deserve all his newfound praise. I predict that he does, any man that can pull of singing soul and whilst electrifying the hell out of it surely needs some attention.

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