A Fine Frenzy - Come On Come Out
Album Review

A Fine Frenzy – Come On Come Out

What’s this, a singer-songwriter who’s appeared on TV innumerable times in recent months. She must be compensating for something, right? Maybe her music’s a bit weak, or desperately commercial? Well, no, actually, she’s pretty damn good.

A Fine Frenzy is 22-year-old Seattle-born beauty Alison Sudol, whose music has been used on shows like One Tree Hill and House. Sudol’s chilling vocal and gentle, inviting piano music might provoke comparisons with Damien Rice, and Come on Come Out fuses these attributes with a memorable chorus which is accessible yet not outwardly commercial.

I can see Come on Come Out being a surprisingly huge hit, a la Daniel Powter’s Bad Day or The Fray’s How to Save a Life. Let’s hope A Fine Frenzy can keep producing music to this standard.

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