Brigade – Pilot

Brigade are one of those bands that I find incredibly confusing. They like rock. They probably like metal, and have forged a sound somewhere in between. They have descending and ascending guitar scales, they have space-age sounding affects, and a lead singer with soaring, American sounding vocals. The reason they confuse me is that, so many of them exist. They don’t differentiate from any of the others, and don’t offer anything new, thus very rarely progressing and being left paddling in murky water amongst a hoard of other sinking musicians that also like forging rock and metal. It feels tiresome, exaggerated and stale.

The B-side, offers nothing more, other than fuel to backup my comments regarding the A-side. If you are lucky enough to be seeing the guy from Busted’s band Fightstar this summer, you will also be lucky enough to catch Brigade in support. A thrilling evening will ensue I’m sure.

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