These New Puritans – Swords Of Truth

It’s often said that there are no truly new sounds, that everything is retreated, recycled or repackaged, this complacency and mentality means that the fresh and inventive mix of sounds- when they finally spring into view, is both welcome and refreshing-like a pint bought for you and waiting as you enter the bar.

The horn section and fall into the beat subsequently sets up the four song mantra that TNPS’s animates and fleshes out.

Influences come thick and fast, both a more aggressive Mike Skinner and a more cohesive Mark E Smith; the delivery Jack Barnett uses being the most potent attack, both in the style and subject matter.

‘The swords of truth’ in question is a terrorist group, and it’s this edgy, political feel that adds reverence to every line-the beat seemingly light but constant, allowing the words to be biting and insightful.

It may seem a mistake to place the idea over four tracks, but it simply moves and manipulates the original idea in a way, possibly not attemptable on a full length.

The critics will applaud TNPS, and rightly so. Relating to one subject matter especially a political muse may not be infinite but they have indeed lit a fire-weather it will catch is one question, whether they can control it is an altogether different prospect.

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