Duffy – Warwick Avenue

The doubts surrounding Duffy’s range and consistency last November, the time of the release of throbbing soul-pushed single ‘Rockferry’. That set the snowball of Duffy-mania rolling down a steep slope, have been well and truly buried through debut album, also named ‘Rockferry’.

This latest snippet from the debut foray bears out a rhythmic motown/slight soul base as well as adding an underpinning of blues instrumentalism. The latter element acts as a platform, holding up Duffys clear, slightly woe-trodden vocals that rise up in tempo, almost unnoticed, startling you with the feeling and increasing clarity.

‘Warwick Avenue’, places a bleeding heart in front of the person causing the wound;

“I’m leaving you for the last time, you think you’re loving but you don’t love me.”

Piercing, yet comforting is the continuing strategy that Duffy uses to keep hear voice on the airwaves. Her offering that best combines these qualities, ‘Distant Dreamer’ is yet to be exposed to singledom. This is one profile that will continue to rise.


Rating; 3.5

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