Bad Love & Licker - Bad Love & Licker
Album Review

Bad Love & Licker – Bad Love & Licker

Sometimes artwork can be so deceiving. This particular cd cover was reminiscent of some 80’s hair-metal a la BonJjovi, Motley Crue crossed with a cutting of the blue oyster café.
But I couldn’t be further from the truth with this one. These guys obviously listen to a lot of very hardcore / grindcore / metal – Slayer, Slipknot etc. We aren’t talking your straight ahead vocals either it’s 4 songs of stripping every sinew of the larynx away. Christ, the singer must be literally reaching for the lockets after a gig.

However I cannot make a damn lyric out within any of the songs and don’t have an inkling what the devil (geddit?) these boys are banging on about.
BL&L have a set formula of music they are sticking to here and to be honest it aint pretty. In fact after the 3rd song the pattern of heavy drums and metallica-esque riffs frankly bored me to tears.

So in the words of Duncan Bannatyne – I’m out!

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