Kenna – Out Of Control

According to trusty online encyclopedia Wikipedia Kenna first became interested in music after hearing ‘The Joshua Tree’ by U2 which on first impression could lead to negative connotations. Thankfully these are all dispelled 10 seconds into this track as there are no traces of them having even a slight influence anywhere on this song.

Instead what we are greeted by is a shot gun sound before the song launches itself into a soulful straight ahead modern pop track that should get dance floors across the land pumping. Theirs is a strong Neptune’s influence throughout and on further investigation it is not exactly surprising to find that Chad from the aforementioned is a co-writer, as it is littered with their clichéd magic that can turn duds into hot spuds.

To find that Mark Ronson is also a fan, having first played this song on his radio show as far back as 2006 and given that it has a funky rhythm, memorable enough hooks and a good balance of vocals leave’s us wondering why this song hasn’t been released before. If Live and Kicking was still running and the section Hit, Miss or Maybe still existed, this song would receive the big thumbs up.

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