Kraak & Smaak – Plastic People

Having wooed me with their single ‘Squeeze Me’ K & S are back with their new Long player entitled ‘Plastic People’.

Weighing in with 13 tracks they don’t let up with their opening track ‘Bobby & Whitney’. It’s classic disco with a slick vocal and brain inducing piano riff that batters your brain and nags away like a dose of water torture. They’ve got that 70’s funk vibe going on, but with much greater conviction and delivery than their peers. The production is bright and uplifting and is perfect for a hot summer’s afternoon.
‘Squeeze me’ still has an undeniable charm that I haven’t heard on a record since Pasedena’s ‘Tribute’.

The title track ‘PP’ is a much darker sedate affair with a whispery vocal – don’t worry they haven’t gone all miserable on us. I mean who the hell can be bright and smiley for a full album, I ask you!!‘Man of Sorrow’ certainly has a place in the hearts of anyone who can remember Agit-pop electro shockers Transglobal Underground with it’s sitar sound and haunting eastern promise vocals.

At times this album takes some influences from Future Sound Of London, Ultramarine and 808 State on ‘That’s my Word’ and ‘Cornered’, which even has traces of Aker Bilk in it!! ‘California Roll’ – is a perfect driving song, contrary to what the behemoth Clarkson might consider listening to whilst in his gas-guzzler!!!

‘Thinking Back’ reminds me of a slowed down Moloko and Omar’s ‘nothing like this’ but it seems to be pedestrian both musically and vocally compared to the other tracks.‘To everyone who has’ really brings a gloomy dark end to ‘Plastic People’and is a direct opposite to some of the more elevated chart friendly songs on the album. It’s a mix of ‘insomnia’ and ‘tomorrow never knows’.

K & S obviously possess a large amount of funk, garage and Motown in their collection but are comfortable with their electronic dance edge that really cements it’s diversity through the album. We’re not talking orbital, chemical brothers comparisons here and ok, it’s not gonna rip up any trees and change the course of music but in terms of commercial dance with a cutting edge you show me an act that can do this style of music and pull it off admirably and I guarantee they are lying!!

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