Pendulum - Manchester Academy
Live Review

Pendulum – Manchester Academy

Australian six piece Pendulum were going to be a highlight of my gigging week. Or so I thought. Firstly the sound is terrible, for what was once a kick ass drum and bass act, I could hardly hear the bass. The muddy sound made it seem as though I was listening from down the street and the d&b quality didn’t come across as action-packed as I’d hoped. When good dance bands make it a live affair, the results should blow you away but in this case, Pendulum have somehow turned into another London residing musical mishap. Ok so they’re more than able to sell out their gigs but shouldn’t the fans get a little more than a macho display of rock cheese?

Girl in the Fire off 2005’s Hold your Colour wasn’t done justice in the muffled PA but thankfully, they can do a wicked remix of Voodoo people by Prodigy which holds them in respect again for it’s duration. Their own new material though, a rockier venture, seems to have turned them into a cheesy, almost crap metal band.

Returning to daily airplay thanks to lead single Granite from new album In Silico, Pendulum found a snug little speck in my heart again. That was until second single Propane Nightmares turned out to be not only more than a bit rubbish but also offensive thanks to the ridiculous acoustic guitar bridge.

Watching this on a Friday night felt like losing a week to gastroenteritis; it was frustrating and it stank. How one of the most popular dance/drum and bass acts could begin performing as a live band and make the sketchy path to rock crossoverville in such a naff way is a little more than disappointing. Hearing Propane Nightmares spit emo drivel all over me pretty much ruined my night. I mean really, Pendulum, what the hell are you thinking?

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