What Would Jesus Drive - We Made This
Album Review

What Would Jesus Drive – We Made This

‘What Would Jesus Drive’ certainly have a view that they can’t wait to escape their hometown bubble and find a place of solace on this 3 track EP.

Coming across as being picked on and being the ‘local weirdos’ is what they seem to base their lyrics on, a feeling of alienation and coldness. Opening with ‘Boomtown Twats’ and an opening line of ‘fuck me’ it’s the musical opening equivalent of Four Weddings and a funeral.
Their sound is a car-crash of OMD and Trio on synth lined jelly beaned fuelled electro punk.

Their DIY ethos is prominent throughout and the boy/girl vocals aren’t exactly fluffy, more direct and lined with a belligerent edge.
‘watching lots of tv, getting nothing done’ drives through the heart of ‘I think we rushed into this’and they even have the barefaced cheek to battle through and give us Travolta and Newton-John’s ‘The one that I want’ – and manfully pull it off.

They are in a large field of similar bands including the god-awful These New Puritans but with a bit of luck and a broadening of their sound they could be onto something.

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