Animal Collective – Water Curses

Over the past year, Animal Collective seem to have shifted their folky sound over to a more mellow playing field. This title track from their latest Water Curses EP uses the well-known electronics, a spacey melody and Avey Tare’s lead vocals to full effect.

Don’t misunderstand; the lyrics are often incomprehensible and there’s an overriding feeling that synthesisers have become the band’s only friends. The track doesn’t seem to reach the all-mighty climax that it threatens to promise from the start; nevertheless Tare’s delivery of his trademark shrieks seem to carry the track to a sufficient conclusion.

The rest of the tracks are equally as stripped down, but somewhat more surprising. Those unprepared for the screams that accompany Street Flash or the mix of over-the-top wails and lulling chords of Cobwebs could not be admonished; they are certainly different from the title track. All three, however, solidify Animal Collective’s unique style.

Seal Eyeing is different. The entire track is almost entirely listener-friendly. This is marred once again by the sythensisers; too much work has been done to this track, making it too disjoined from the rest of the EP. Engaging, certainly. But less electronics please.

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