The Favours - One Up On You
Album Review

The Favours – One Up On You

Both tracks on this single are pretty special; haunting melodies that combine a melancholy and verve that is sure to set them apart from most of the female fronted up and coming UK bands.

Very grunge orientated with a modern twist that makes it refreshingly raw. Vocals are comparable to Debbie Harry and the music grunge driven with hooks so catchy you’re sure to be singing their praises. The way the lead track ‘One up on you’ builds up and up is pretty spectacular, a brilliantly crafted song that mixes the pop expertise of the Pixies with the aggressive dynamics of Nirvana and throws the two together to create one of the most promising bands you’re likely to hear all year.

Female fronted bands will often limit themselves to only appealing to a female audience but when the songs have got this much raw energy and majestically driven hooks such as these be sure that ‘The Favours’ will be appealing to the music loving masses in no time at all.

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