Romeo, Romeo, Where Art Thou Emo?

Lee web admin has turned into my wife. His constant moaning about a lack of editorial update is reminiscent of a wife badgering her husband to ‘fix that drainpipe’ or ‘put up that wallpaper’. Not that I would know being a bachelor in my bachelor pad.. but it’s what I imagine it to be like. It’s not the first time I have been married to one of the directors. I was Alex’s wife for a while when, one time, we shared a hotel room and I was down as Mrs MacHorton. We had kids as well which was disturbing on many levels, and this in-breeding relationship at Glasswerk HQ gives only one conclusion – I am the executive editor… otherwise known as everyone’s bitch.

Anyway, lee here you go; an editorial. One kindly suggestion and hint to galvanise me into action (subtle female manipulation in other words – again I assume this to be the case) was to write about Pete Doherty leaving prison the same day as Amy Cokehouse goes in; thus proving they are the same being. But being male I decided to ignore this and comment on what interested me, i.e. football, drunken fun and fast food. But, as always the women gets her way (again I presume this – actually this is beginning to get confusing now.. who is the husband, am I really married and who to?) so I revert to talk about music.

So what’s been going on? You may have noticed that the regions are now colour coded. We think this is a good idea as we used to get lost around the site, so we imagine you may have done so as well. Alex is at The Great Escape this week. I decided not to go but to see The Rushes (one of my favourite new bands) play at Dickensian Disco on Saturday in Manchester instead, so should you.

We have just announced Mark Morriss (Bluetones), promoting his debut solo album, in Manchester next month and those electro, disco, emo, loads more words ending in O, Out From Animals in Manchester next month, as well as The Hussy’s, all of which are at the Dry Bar. The Hussy’s are also playing in London for us as well at Purple Turtle.

Paul Newsome of Proud Mary comes home on the 6th June to Jabez Clegg, Manchester and Saving Aimee are saving the emo in Manchester and Liverpool on the 22nd and 23rd June.

Before all that though, this month you still get to see The Tunics, Plastic Toys, Middle Finger Salute, Xcerts, plus our Dickensian Disco Hide and Seek Weekender on the 30th and 31st May @ Dry Bar with Kong (2 parts Oceansize, one part dirt rock)and many many more bands. That’s dead good init.

Oh and also check out our Seven Day Spotlight artist – The Hot Melts. They good.

It has been a bit Northern focussed this editorial, but there again the last one was Southern biased so it’s all balanced. Just like our marriage(s) (I assume…)

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