The Steers - Julia
Album Review

The Steers – Julia

That’s the problem when every band starts trying to be like The Jam. The few decent ones, like The Steers, get overlooked because everyone’s doing the same thing. Both Julia and b-side The Same Game are full of the indie swagger which worked well for Paul Weller and later Carl Barat, but the talent is overshadowed by a sense of ‘haven’t we heard this before?’

Julia has more of a Bloc Party vibe, combining electronic beats with a rousing chorus that should serve them well at the forthcoming zoo8 festival. The Same Game, on the other hand, is pure Weller, simple-yet-effective guitar music with vocals that retain a britpop sensibility while not seeming too commercial.

This Cardiff quartet should do well for themselves, provided people don’t dismiss them as just another indie band.

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