Jack McManus – Either Side Of Midnight

Is this a male Joss Stone? Such vibrancy and promise on show, I’ll perhaps be forgiven if I surely don’t know. Upbeat, emotive and toe tappingly great, you’ll either love Jack McManus or find him so hard to hate.

Personally, I find it’s just all too twee, smug clean and pretty for dirty ol’ me. Each tracks composition varies in use, almost distracting from the formula abuse, a dominant vocal, those strings and guitars, scrambling for spotlight like newcomer stars.

Schools known acronymically, BRIT and BYMT, spewed out a talent, setting him free. Off to the studio and the masters within, a nicey nice world concealing the sin. ‘Either Side of Midnight’ the LP was made, he played with producers and down Jack got laid, his tracks that is, I mean nothing more, when polished and shiny the sound kills the whore. Top ten at least is what this deserves and with marketing strategists playing the curves, Jackamac should rise, Chris Martin should fear, but nobody’s got rights on Christopher Cross borne careers.

By the close of the LP I’m on the brink, it’s good so go see and follow this [link] , or sit in and watch x-factor, watch for the next big thing, to crowd our force fed desire for someone who can sing. Remember the days when a talent stirred fervour, but now there’s too many sending us further and faster and harder round the nullifying bend, as the redundant hit parade burns beyond mend.

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