Kevin Kane – How To Build A Lighthouse

As former front man of the Canadian band grapes of wrath and aside from two solo acoustic projects, this is Kevin Kane’s first album recording accompanied by a full band. However from front cover to final track, “How to build a lighthouse” is an uninspiring, rather pedestrian piece of work with little thrills.

First track Last to Know accurately sets the tone, a laid back piece of standard American college rock, lacking in hooks and saturated with overbearing production. Although tracks such as “Late Night” have a change in pace, with subtle reverberating guitar, its still not enough to inspire much enthusiasm. An unexpected cover of Pink Floyd’s “Arnold Layne” is acceptable and certainly won’t have Pink Floyd purists seething. Apart from the fact that the album sleeve has the track written down as another Barrat-era Floyd single, “See Emily Play“, which will not be as easily forgiven. The album momentarily draws attention with “No Black Dots“, which has a force of delivery that is generally lacking throughout the album, while tracks “Nothing Left” and “Sputnik” round off in a distinguished yet low key way.

How to Build a Lighthouse is not a bad album per se, Kevin Kane’s voice and song writing talents are palpable, and along with refined production and performances you do get the feeling Kane is capable of something great. However on this occasion with “How to build a lighthouse”, Kane falls wide of the mark.

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