Morrissey – All You Need Is Me

Ah, The great Moz is back and once again here to divide the people. I hate to use the ‘marmite’ analogy but you either do or don’t with Manchester’s ex-pat crooner.

Let’s face it in the last 20 years this country has not produced a finer songsmith but his work certainly hasn’t had the same impact musically since his departure from his creative sidekick – Johnny Marr. Since those late heady days Moz has continued to have his loyal following in the live arena but in terms of shifting units it’s a million miles from.

‘All you need is me’ is his new single and its all rockabilly / rocket from the crypt with it’s dirty bassline that throbs away like a harley Davidson. Mozza comes across at his most arrogant ever, there is no fey or coyness about ‘all you need..’ as he paints a picture of self-importance and how he/she cannot cope without him. It’s like he’s decided to fight back and show some metal, whilst flying in the face of his popular perception.

He seems to be getting rather bitter as he gets older – on the other hand I could have this completely wrong cause let’s face it he is one of the most difficult lyricists to read and understand. He still commands respect as an artist but I have to admit this doesn’t grab me by the balls like some of his earlier solo work

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