Lightspeed Champion – Galaxy Of The Lost

Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion was once in a band called the Test Icicles whose musical style was about as far way from the acoustic folk-rock seen in this single as Marilyn Manson is from Will Young. While he now says that he was never all that into their music, neither are his old fans likely to appreciate his new release.

“Galaxy Of The Lost” is a decent enough melodic track that is catchy and pleasant and bordering on the pop by it’s orchestral climix mid-track before dropping off back into the folk arena for the end; as you can guess Dev Hynes makes this song work for every second of it’s playlength.

The only drawbacks in this track are the vocals. The female accompaniment could play a bigger part, left as it is she little to enhance the song. Similarly while Dev Hynes does seem to be really into his work his voice doesn’t really suit this style, maybe he’s just too used to screaming rock but he lacks the sincerity and depth to make the vocals match up to the superior music.

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