Jay Sean – My Own Way

If icy cool rnb music does it for you then this is for you. If listening to a whiny pretty boy sing all over the top of the music, again, this is a sure-fire hit. Jay Sean and his crisply produced and packaged LP ‘My Own Way’ at last brings an answer to all of you (you know who you are!)who wondered what a black George Michael would’ve sounded like if he sang whilst becoming intermittently possessed by the more streetwise spirit of…I’m gonna go with Destiny’s Child. Actually, maybe Craig David on helium could be a better comparison all ‘round, but I’ll stand by my original findings nonetheless.

And whilst each track on the CD has its own grace saving, stylish musical element, it also has a comical factor that undoes any good work laid down. If it’s not the sometimes laughable lyrics it’s the gay Larry Lamb voice, if it’s not the repetitive tune it’s the cringe-worthy backing vocals. Sorry, I don’t know what to tell you except that the potential which crashes and burns throughout this album is astonishing.

I take particular insult from ‘Run Away’ and its sampling of my personal favourites Run DMC, although both ‘Ride It’ & ‘Stay’ resemble the(all because the lady loves) Milk Tray advert music is just as WRONG. The fact that the word ‘door’ seems to be heard in almost every track is intriguing too. ‘Murder’ comes close to having street cred’ but again, when ladies sing “That boy is murder, he’s a 187”, it all shines bright enough to give you a headache.

So, watch out for Jay Sean folks ‘cause he’s sure to be a top ten regular. It’s no secret that the standards are dropping now that record companies know they can shift just about anything. The droves of indie kids with guitars and crappy dressed up songs in recent years is evidence enough, but to think that it could happen in the groove conscious world of RNB, well, it’s just shocking, right?.

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