The Thirst - Sail Away
Album Review

The Thirst – Sail Away

Following hot on the heels of their modern indie peers, such as ‘Jamie T’ and ‘The Maccabbees’, ‘The Thirst’ offer a similar staccato driven and very up tempo guitar based sound.

They combine all the best bits about the aforementioned acts; witty poetic and lyrics, great song craftsmanship and a hole host of innovative ideas that they cram into 3 minutes of glorious and uplifting pop. This particular track is enough to get me singing their praises, there’s a lot of ideas and hope for the future here, my only complaint would be that it does seem to be a bit over complicated, leaving me questioning how well they will manage to keep the listener engaged over the course of an album because the sound has got the potential to be a bit one dimensional.

Many new bands are whole heartedly embracing the idea of creating new sounds and introducing new influences and ideas into guitar based music, on the evidence of this track ‘The Thirst’ have got the potential to be up there with the best of the up and coming bands, but to achieve something really revolutionary they will have to prove they can create a bit more variation.

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