Sound City Kicks Off! - The Picket
Live Review

Sound City Kicks Off! – The Picket

Liverpool Sound City kicked off in tremendous style last night @ The New Picket. An opening party of all opening parties. There was a big press presence to witness the likes of Peter Hooton of The Farm of course and Mr Peter Hook of bands I don’t need to mention.

A great Liverpool turn out with Ian McNabb playing a fine set. Then sets from Tom Hingley & The Lovers coming over from Manchester to join in the celebrations.

Liverpool and Zanzibaritte Eugene McGuiness also performed and those stalwarts of the Liverpool Scene 28 Costumes rampaged through an awesome set ‘You Excite Me’ being a favorite. There was also the brilliant Electric Church Foundation displaying some of their recent material coming out of the Motor Museum Studio recordings.

Tonight we see the festival really take of visit to see what is in store

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