Sex and the City Soundtrack –

To accompany one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year is a soundtrack that is equally as good. Labels or Love performed by Fergie was specially written for the movie and has a true Fergie stamp on it. This track wouldn’t go amiss on her album, yet is entwined with the sex and the city theme tune. A feisty song that provides a great opener for an album that perfectly sums up the feel of sex and the city. The soundtrack presents us with an eclectic mix of wonderful songs that upon hearing makes you feel that this is the perfectly chosen soundtrack to Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha’s lives.

Second track All dressed up in love is sung by academy award winner Jennifer Hudson (Carries assistant in the movie) it is a soaring song that encapsulates a 70’s Motown feel. Hot on the heels is Mercy by the wonderful welsh wonder Duffy one of this years best songs featuring on one of this years best movies. Other standout tracks are Walk This Way –Run DMC ft Aerosmith and the beautiful How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Al Green ft Joss Stone. The rest of the album is equally impressive and of course it closes with Sex and the City theme tune we know and love.

The ladies keep us hooked because they represent a part of us Carrie our free spirit, Miranda the career girl, Samantha our wild side and Charlotte the romantic. They’ve had their highs and their lows and kept us hooked through every second. The album complements this perfectly, it’s an eclectic mix that will appeal to many people, it brings together the classic and the brand spanking new. It crosses genres such as rock, pop, soul, ballads, heck it’s even got Auld Lang Syne on there. Truly something for everyone.

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