Guillemots – Falling Out Of Reach

‘Falling Out of Reach’ is one of those tracks you want to like from first listen, lest you be known as an uncaring, heartless soul.

Taken from their second album, Red, this track is completely different from their previous single; it is stripped down, resembles a ballad and shows Guillemots have a unique ability to write love songs that don’t make you immediately reach for a sick bag.

Much of the hype surrounding this track has been about Sir Ian McKellen’s appearance in its video. But credit should not be taken from the song itself. It has a relaxed vibe and is beautifully delivered, with Fyfe Dangerfield singing honestly and effortlessly. It is only when you watch the video that you begin to understand the darker undertones.

Yes, some people will complain that this track is easily forgettable. But remember; they are uncaring, heartless souls.

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