B- Amazing -
Album Review

B- Amazing –

You wouldn’t have thought Iranian-American hip-hop would be any good. Well you’d be right. That’s of course assuming misogyny and rap-by-numbers isn’t your thing. You can only hope that this is an attempt to parody the likes of 50 Cent, but the signs are not good. You know all that criticism you saved up to throw at The Game before his fifteen minutes of fame wore out? You can bring that back now for the inappropriately-named B-Amazing.

The one thing that annoys me about B-Amazing is that he has some talent; he even shows it in standout track You’re the Best, but he generally preaches originality while producing derivative music. There’s that, and there’s some truly abysmal lyrics – who thought it was a good idea to rhyme Arizona with marijuana, honestly?
Still maybe he is good, it might just be personal preference which stops me from liking B-Amazing. I mean I have never been a fan of misogynistic lyrics. I’ve also never been a fan of bad music.

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