Dave Rave and Mark McCarron – In The Blue Of My Dreams

Sometimes I listen to an album which is quite good, but which makes me wonder ‘what is the market for this?’ Dave Rave and Mark McCarron have produced such a record with ‘In the Blue of My Dreams.’ The album is perfectly pleasant, and has no noticeable flaws, but the responses it evokes are of appreciation rather than outright enjoyment.

The Canadian duo blend jazz and folk with the help of an assortment of musicians, producing a brand of music which is ultimately pleasing to listen to. But unfortunately it is pleasant and nothing more. You will enjoy it for a couple of tracks at a time, then get bored and wish they stepped it up a bit. Still, the melodies of ‘Not This Time’ and ‘Stranded’ – among others – are very listenable in isolation.

If you are a fan of folk music, you will probably find something you like on this album. How much you like of it is a different question.

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