The Getaway Team – Haven’t You Heard

“Haven’t You Heard” is the debut mini-album from new British indie rockers The Getaway Team. They advertise themselves as sounding distinctively British but other than the drawl of lead singer Tom Greenwood they sound more like they want to be Blink 182, Greenday or some of our other favourites from over the Atlantic.

From opener “I Regret” through to the closer “Make Pretend” they produce serviceable indie rock complete with choppy guitars and enough bounce to act as a decent support act. The problem is that this is all they strike you as, they lack any real identity and the songs are easily forgettable. Even their first single release “Lost All Hope” doesn’t really stand out from any other average song on the market. They will need more than this if they are ever going to progress to headlining in their own right.

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