Ejectorseat - Not My Girl EP
Album Review

Ejectorseat – Not My Girl EP

Oodles of friendly melody is piled on top of reflective lyrics, delivered by wiry vocals that rise like inflation, only this time it’s a hold that you won’t mind hanging over you.

Dance floor inducers, Ejectorseat shoot out a zap of the White Rose Movement. Bringing energy and inhibition releasing tendencies out, through their electro flair. Then the tenderness of the Delays rests underneath, giving ‘Not My Girl’ almost a celebration of dejection.

Front man, Pete Backler flits his range around like a tequila guzzling raven, but his elasticity reaches a peak in ‘To Be More Animal’. Whereby, he teases through a stammering cry to then delve deep inside, finding the James Dean Bradfield in himself (there’s some of him in us all, don’t you think?), to give off searching bemusement. Percussive prominence is provided courtesy of Hurricane Andrew Foster, to dominate the spindling ‘Hopeless And Emotional’.

This effectively renders a good start to this series of three track EPs that will well and truly, announce the landing of this restless outfit.

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