Rustcycle -
Album Review

Rustcycle –

When listening to music by Rustcycle, aka Adrian Johnson, you know you are listening to something rather special. Publicised as blending aspects of trance, ambient electronica, house, classical influences, and rock to form an instrumental soundscape that is emotionally evocative, it doesn’t quite do the music justice.

Yes all these components are there but it has a quality to it that you rarely get with “modern” music, it would be what you’d expect if you let one of the great classical composers loose on modern equipment. “The Vaulted Blue” is particularly atmospheric and eerily beautiful.

Not only is the music he produces truly excellent, but he also plays the majority of each of the different sounds and instruments on his own and then puts them together using software he designed himself. This is a man who is creating a genre all by himself, and will hopefully influence a whole new generation of musicians.

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