Wiley – Wearing My Rolex

Before Dizzee Rascal Stormed the UK music scene, any hype for an MC was heaped upon Wiley, after Dizzee broke through, the same was expected of Wiley.

Both of Wiley’s albums to date had stalled, failing to make any mainstream impact, while Dizzee went from strength to strength.

Wiley has remained the choice of the underground, still revered and well respected, which is why such a mammoth tune as Wearing My Rolex has taken everybody by surprise, it has been almost unavoidable recently…. Booming from clubs and cars and broadcast across the airwaves via highrise based pirates and the BBC alike.

Perhaps the biggest twist in the tale is the obvious U-turn of direction, left behind is the 2-step and grime that have made Wiley’s name thus far, instead opting for the commercially more viable route of large electro tunes and an old school recycled sample, but the track hits with such an impact that no-one has cried ‘sell out’.

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