Ronny Morris -
Album Review

Ronny Morris –

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Ronny Morris’ music is epic, but clarification would be needed. It is epic like The Postman rather than epic like Apocalypse Now. The sort of epic that makes you think ‘wow, this has been going on for ages’ and then check the display and find out that the mind-numbing boredom has only lasted three minutes.

Ronny Morris starts promisingly, before the light opening of I’ll Survive gives way to a chorus so commercial it’s embarrassing. From this point on the four tracks all blend into each other in an alt-pop hell which represents Nickelback without the aggression. When Morris finally delivers the crescendo we’ve been expecting for 15 minutes that seem like an hour, towards the end of closing track Lilly, its only function is to wake us from the slumber we’ve been lured into by the other three songs. This is background music at best.

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