Yeti – Don’t Go Back To The One You Love

John Hassell no matter how much he hates it will always be remembered for rising from the ashes of the dishevelled mess that the Libertines became.

He hasn’t really played on those former days but has quietly peddled away with his new outfit while he lets his former front man grab the some what less salubrious headlines he creates on a daily basis.

Hassell’s new band have more than a country ting to their sound, distancing themselves from all the post-arctic monkeys sound of 2008 whilst bearing more than a few similarities to Scouse space cadets The Coral.

‘Don’t Go Back to the one you love’ is their third single and is a jolly old blast feathering plenty of acoustic guitar with a meaty horn section that kick starts the back end of the song into life. The music is pretty tight throughout but the strength of the vocals really let’s down what is a decent song.

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