Wednesday 13 – Skeletons

Oooh Ay..I don’t know what it is but there is still something exciting about seeing a parental advisory sticker on an album. Forgetting the fact that I’m old enough to have kids myself, it still gives a curiosity to whats inside. What within this package is so bad that I have to shield my offspring from it..?

Well to answer that I think the sticker should be reworked to say. Warning this contains music your parents may listen to! You see this offering from ex Murder Dolls front man Joseph Poole is 20 years old. It maybe released in 2008 but it sits next to Iron Maiden, Black album era Metallica and occasionally Kiss.

This is not a bad thing. Like dusting off an album you haven’t listened to in years, this is comfortable like old slippers. “With Friends like these” bounces along nicely, “My Demise” a touching song about the distance between singer and crowd (not physically) strangely feels like it could go in to “God gave rock n roll too you” at any point.

Best song on the album though is title track “Skeletons”. It has every classic rock hallmark on it , dual guitar, lyrics about personal struggle and an anthemic chorus to shout out after hours.

This is a marmite album (love it or hate it). No middle ground. It wont win any awards nor deserves to , its not a step forward its several backward, it serves more to those who enjoy a touch of nostalgia than those upto the pulse.
If you are a hoxton fixated image conscious indie/rock kid leave now we don’t want your type in here. If however you spent at least one summer of your youth in a rock pub supping cider in black with some fella claiming to have roadied with Hendrix whilst your best mate plays air guitar on the table. You’ll love it.

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