Midnight Juggernauts – Dystopia

What appeals so much about this album is how wonderfully varied and eclectic it is. At times it’s so eerie you feel like you could be listening to the film score of a ‘Stanley Kubrick’ movie, and at other times it rivals even the ‘Scissor Sisters’ for bouncy summery pop sing-a-longs.

Opener ‘Intro/ Ending Of An Era’ sets the tone with it’s clean backdrop beats, an electro pop bass driven beast that’s like some heavenly morph between ‘Daft Punk’ and ‘Depeche Mode’ . From their on in the album progresses in excellent fashion. ‘Into The Galaxy’ picks up some more retro vibes with a strong ‘Klaxons’ feel to it, would surely make a strong case for the next single.

Vocals on the album range from the remarkably absurd to uplifting heartfelt and soaring beauty. What makes the album truly excel in my eyes though is how they manage to conver so many styles together and encompass them within one album where no particular track or theme sounds out of place in the slightest. Any one of the tracks on here would go down a treat on any dance floor, the only difficulty listeners might have to fathom is how futuristic this sound is, because ‘Midnight Juggernauts’ really are light years ahead of their contemporaries.

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