The Crimea – The 48A Waiting Steps

Striking straight in with hearty strings and a bright electro loop The Crimea don’t allow their new single to pass by unnoticed. Lead man Davey Macmanus trembles over another epic short player with the usual perfect muddle of sombre yearning and joyous childlike simplicity.

‘The 48A Waiting Steps’ talks of robots, space and nature – as close as you can get to Grandaddy and their beautiful weirdness: “to my fellow earthlings, born beneath that wandering star, I don’t feel alone, no I don’t feel alone.” Like Ray Raposa (Castanets) Davey’s deep, breaking vocal is utterly compeling, full of sadness and sentiment. These lost souls just weren’t made for modern times. The Crimea make out-of-the-ordinary records and lasting music to be appreciated, in whichever era you may living.

‘The 48a Waiting Steps’ – the second single from the original free download album ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’ – will also be available without charge from Monday 30th June at

John Peel never wanted their records to end and the Crimea can play forever on this form.

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