Leni Ward – Body

Leni Ward has produced a very minimalistic yet eerilly produced body of work here. It’s like chill for the cerebrally disturbed. Piano, bass strings, creep along like you might hear a horror movie. Synths then take over Leni’s vocals slowly creep along…and that’s just the track ‘Burn.’

The tone then varies as the album continues. There is still much in the way of sample techniques, ably backed up by some sweeping synths. The only trouble with music that starts and stops and is minimalistic is that it seems to be more about the art than about the joy of music. But Leni Ward has definitely created something here with mood that doesn’t come off as pretentious.

Her voice is mainly subdued along with the morose tone of the album, but she does reach greater heights in the more bold ‘The Wall.’ Her voice carries very well and is maybe something to exploit further in her next project.

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