The Music - Liverpool Academy
Live Review

The Music – Liverpool Academy

A word of advice lads, keep Rob’s mesmerising, tantalising, extraordinary dancing to a minimum; it nearly distracts from the amazing music you seem to keep producing. Nearly being the operative word here.

Kicking off in style on Wednesday night at Liverpool’s Carling Academy, The Music began with ‘Take the Long Road and Walk it’, a confirmed favourite amongst many. They played a spectacular set mixing up the old with the new, but never drifting away from what they do best and interacting with the audience like no other.

The new album was advertised to its fullest and boy did it go down well. Second track of the new album, ‘The Spike’ was played next with ‘Freedom Fighters’ following straight after. Along with the music, Rob’s dancing and the pumped up atmosphere, a light show was also included in the package. The strobe lighting beamed off Rob’s shiny head, perfect.

‘Human’ helped us to see the softer side of the group whilst ‘Strength in Numbers’ brought us into the present day, causing a riotous crowd to jump in synchrony.

The finale which comprised of ‘Bleed From Within’ genuinely made the hairs on the back of ones neck stand to attention. It was breathtaking. They treated the crowd to session on the bongos and then ended. The sheer enthusiasm and energy they exude stays with you all night long.

Welcome back guys, we’ve missed you.

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