Julian Velard – Jimmy Dean and Steve McQueen

First of all, what is the obsession with Steve McQueen lately? Well it’s easy to see why with him so easy on the eye although I am quite sure Julian doesn’t quite fancy the pants off him.

He releases his funky jazz ‘Jimmy Dean and Steve McQueen’ quite close to the pumped up pop Automatic’s different take on the icon that is Steve McQueen.

But what an uplifting track it is. A theatrical, bouncy, rhyming roller coaster of a song is what it is. With clear influences of Elton John’s campness and unique piano talent on one hand and on the other a strong, warm, sexy voice quite clearly reminiscent of the rat pack. But most notably he holds a similarity to Michael Buble.

He makes piano jazz fun, interesting and a damn sight different to anything else that’s out there at the moment.

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