Black Lips – Bad Kids

Nice concept, 50 year old pop given the raw edged angle of today. Black Lips and their ‘Bad Kids’ single are sure to baffle mums and dads and now I think upon it, probably their offspring too!

Just over two minutes of potty mouthed, angst driven doo-wop relaying the tale of the bad kid lifestyle, works well… I think!

‘Leroy Faster’ follows the same formula as it tells the tale of the late crack victim Leroy. Just under two and a half minutes, this track too, closes before any true comprehension of what you just heard can be grasped.

A clean version ‘Bad Kids’ follows, with the naughty words played in reverse, so should your ma or pa dig this intriguing concoction, they too can now dance and prance around with their Vax.

Imagine (if you will) the cast of Grease growing up on a stable diet of gas and glue and underwent Manchester schooling in their (de)formative years, before getting together to make a musical. Kinda close.

Their surely peculiar LP ‘Good Bad Not Evil’ is out now too and it’s well worth a listen I’ll wager.

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