Giants Fall - Giants Fall
Album Review

Giants Fall – Giants Fall

If only all hardcore was as endearing as this then maybe the genre would be a lot more reputable. Whilst being undeniably harsh and difficult listening ‘Giants Fall’ posses a knack for creating an uplifting soaring verve of sound. Their mastery of guitar riffs and epic vocal progression is quite phenomenal, there’s an epic and grandeur nature to their sound, which enables the bands sound to grow and grow and songs to build up in order to emphasize their rigour and talent.

Opener ‘Vacate The Building’ is a sonic blast of metal with so many dimensions and layers you won’t quite know where to focus your attention. A sense of euphoria is then evoked in second track ‘Paper Cups and Strings’ with its epic progression towards the penultimate explosion pf chaos that will undoubtedly leave you gasping for more.

Sounding like a cross between ‘Faith No More’ and ‘Converge’ the band are not exactly up on modern trends but with songs as decent and forthcoming as these they should have no problem recruiting a loyal and avid fan base.

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