Manu Chao – Politik Kills

World (music) heavyweight Manu Chao tackles politics with his new ‘Politik Kills’ single. Outlining the numerous horrors intertwined with the whole sorry realm, he certainly gets the message across.

Accompanying his message is some of the slinkiest, chilled out bad boy sounds around and to quote Borat…”It’s nice”.

But before we get to this LP version, we’re treated to no less than nine remixes, dubs or instrumentals from Prince Fatty, Rude Barriobeat, Chris Blackwell & Paul ‘Groucho’ Smykle and David B.

Each successfully put their own (not too) unique stamp on the track, with the Rude Barriobeat and David B. proving themselves to be the more individual stand out efforts, boasting frenzied vocals and kickass D’n’B between the two.

Try not to listen to the entire CD because your nerves and your mind WILL dissolve, though you should enjoy the journey before your internal alarm bells ring out loud.

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