Mattafix – Things Have Changed

With a unique style and knack for creating a catchy track, “Things Have Changed” is Mattafix’s third single from album “Rhythm & Hymns”

This chilled out track combines strings, reggae Shaggy-like vocals, a pop chorus and an electronic melody throughout. Considering it is a song ultimately about loss it is pleasant enough and certainly has a summery feeling to it, althoughit does get a little repetitive after a few listens and you begin to wish it had a little ‘more’ to it, more rhythm, more feeling, less Shaggy.

This is definitely not as strong a track on it’s own as previous releases, their biggest hit to date being “Big City Life” back in 2005, and if this is all they have left to offer from their second album it might be time to get back in the recording studio.

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