Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - More News From Nowhere
Album Review

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – More News From Nowhere

Caught somewhere between Velvet Underground and Jack Lewis, ‘More News from Nowhere’, Nick Caves latest offering, is smoother and perhaps more subdued than the little work of his I know personally.

His engaging vocal is as strong as ever of course and despite the onset of aging rocker syndrome that, with himself included, suits the seldom lucky few and so Nick’s still got it going on. This freaky tale of anything from lady friends to being spiked with hallucinogens (which never happens to me, sob) is ace.

‘Fleeting Love’ is your typical roadside, sunset lit cafe, tragedy laden love song for any long distance truckers out there, with only a lust for moonshine to keep them warm on the road. Before its demise it unadventurously ambles on its yet sweet subtle way.

The video for ‘Night of the Lotus Eaters’ does little more than to serve its purpose. Brimming with a brooding intensity that fails to find an outlet, the track eventually withers and fades from memory after reaching its anticlimactic close. Although it’s worth seeing just for Nicks broken moustache!

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