Out From Animals - The National Curriculum
Album Review

Out From Animals – The National Curriculum

This is a solid collection of songs. On ‘The National Curriculum’, the band veer from solid indie to early The Music-style dance wibblings. Hyperactive cymbals and drums roll into something excellent; a menacing bass-line anchors the Mezzanine-era Massive Attack guitar refrain that appears for a few bars. The vocals are odd – they almost seem to be running perpetually behind the song.

‘It’s Not Perfection’ is another quite exciting song but one that lacks the bit of the opening song. The languid vocals continue, along with interesting use of drums, bass and guitar together with electronic backing. ‘Greed’ brings out another interesting parallel with its invective lyrics – Mansun on speed, anyone? ‘I want all the things that I think I need’ is a little heavy handed, but a least it’s not another band that sounds like The Kooks.

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