Sleazephoniks - Indian Taboo/Orchid
Album Review

Sleazephoniks – Indian Taboo/Orchid

Whilst many teenagers are getting a bad press, some are putting their hormonal explosions to some use. IN Josh Bartley’s case, this means mixing tracks as Sleazephoniks. It promises ‘the biggest beats’. Not being from Da Street, this reviewer can’t say if it succeeds. All that can be said about this EP is it uses drums and synths in equal measure. ‘Indian Taboo’ might work as a set opener, but other than that its impact is pretty non-existent. There is the usual decoration that is familiar in dubstep within this track.

‘Orchid’ is more hyper and its use of synths makes it a tad more listenable.
At the risk of sounding 105, there is no doubt that it’s good to see young musicians taking the opportunity to make music. Who knows, with age, the final product might just improve.

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