Gnarls Barkley - Going On
Album Review

Gnarls Barkley – Going On

After spending a long time believing that I was the only living being that contained a dislike (strong enough to uncharacteristically repel me from anything they might do from there on in) for Gnarls Barkley (GB) and their hit single ‘Crazy’, you can perhaps comprehend my reservations toward reviewing ‘Going On’, their latest single. But, here we are nonetheless…

And after an alluring and all too brief stylish guitar fuelled intro, it rears its ugly head once more; that irritating trademark vocal that grates on my every nerve. Enveloped in Gorillaz worthy music that sporadically preserves the aforementioned guitar on its dynamic tempo shifting way, this single thankfully finishes in under three long minutes.

Yes GB (like their sound) are big and yes they’re clever, I just can’t get past the vocal.

Make of that what you will because I can’t tell you if you’ll like it or lump it. It’s perhaps short and forgettable enough to leave no trace of insult, whilst being upbeat and diverse enough to please those who can actually tolerate that voice.

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